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Aditi Tiwari

Posted : 2018-10-18

Applying Dual Time Dynamics to Credit Risk Models

Dual Time Dynamics attempts to model the loss behaviour of a portfolio of retail loans as a function of calendar time and portfolio maturation time, as well ...


Maitreya Pathak

Posted : 2018-10-18

"Illegal immigration in Assam not a religious issue, but an ethnic one"

From 1979 to 1985, the Assam movement proved to be the foundation stone that laid the basis for the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC). More than 4 ...


Shashidhar Prabhu

Posted : 2018-10-11

Dynamic Gammawarp Filterbanks

This paper presents an alternative method for implementing a dynamic compressive gammachirp (dcGC) auditory filterbank. Instead of using a cascade of second-...


Ashwin Pathak

Posted : 2018-09-25

Transformation Grounded Sketch Generation Network

The project involves with transforming the input sketch for the novel 2D view generation. Working under Prof. Ravi Kiran at CVIT, IIITH, we realized that con...


Sanjeev Kumar Mishra

Posted : 2018-09-24

Participation of Public and Private Sector Banks in the Lead Bank Scheme - A Case Study on Karnataka

To advance the process of financial inclusion, the Reserve Bank implements all its projects through a net of banks spread across the country with certain ban...


Aditi Tiwari

Posted : 2018-09-23

Dwell Time Prediction of freight containers using Naive Bayes Algorithm

Dwell time is the time a cargo container has to sit idle on the port. In the port, the cargo containers are stacked in a storage area. The containers are pla...


Siddhartha Chatterji

Posted : 2018-09-22

Stress Testing Models

Regulatory Stress Testing within Banks poses some unique analytical challenges, fundamentally it attempts to model various components of the balance sheet a...


Rajesh Bhat

Posted : 2018-09-21

The Square Root Of a Matrix

We all know what the square root of a number is. But what is the square root of a matrix? Is it simply the square root of every element of a matrix? No. T...